- 2023AW Brocante Season theme -
セピア色の世界 | monde sépia
Brocante が当初からずっとテーマとしてきたユーロヴィンテージのモノクロの世界観。もう一つのモノクロームといえばセピア色温かみのある古い写真をイメージした色合いを並べました。古いセピア色の写真の中は赤みのかかった白からこげ茶、黒へのグラデーションそんな色合いからインスピレーションを受けたシーズンです。
The monochrome worldview of Euro vintage has been Brocante's theme since the beginning. Another monochrome theme is sepia, a warm color reminiscent of old photographs. This season is inspired by the gradation of colors from reddish white to dark brown and black in old sepia photographs. In addition, we will propose coordinates for the 2023AW collection, adding purple-tinged blue and yellow to accent colors that match sepia.
By changing the way the threads are twisted, a grain is created on the surface, and the canvas is pigment-dyed and has a texture that resembles vintage fabric. The powder-touch color with the unique pigment build-up on the uneven surface of the fabric gives it a truly timeless, vintage-like finish that is filled with Brocante's commitment.
- Coordinate LIST -