- 2024SS Brocante Season theme -
antique white | Blanc àl’anciennne

一言で白といえども、晒した白、生成りがかった白、リネンの白、時を経て変化してきた白。24SSのBrocanteのテーマはアンティークな白。様々な白が重なるコーディネートや 差し色になる綺麗な色目をそろえました。モノトーンの着こなしから夏らしいさわやかな差し色使いもBrocanteの白をベースに作ってみませんか?
In one word, white can be described as white that has changed over time, such as bleached white, ecru white, linen white, and white that has changed over time. The theme of the 24SS Brocante is antique white. We have a collection of beautiful colors that can be coordinated with various whites or used as accent colors. Why not use Brocante's white as a base to create a monotone look or a refreshing summer-like color scheme?
綿ボイル | cotton boil
A delicate cotton voile with a translucent feel that is not too soft, has a firm feel, and is durable enough to be washed. Normally, the thinner the natural material is, the more brittle and delicate it becomes and cannot withstand machine washing. We want you to wear it on hot, sweaty days without worrying about it, so it's a natural cotton voile that can be used daily.
落書き | graffiti
This is a pattern created based on a fictional story about a French sailor who loves brocanto who discovers a pair of old pants he used to draw for fun. The hand-drawn drawings were scanned and printed using inkjet on the actual twill fabric, which has the feel of old clothes. It is a playful finish that combines modern technology and vintage craft feel to produce colors as realistic as if they were actually drawn.
インドボイル | indian boil
The loosely woven voile fabric, unique to India, is soft and transparent, making it a must-have item for staying cool in the summer. It is printed with a checkered pattern that looks like it was handwritten and has an original logo embroidered on it. The embroidery in the same color is subtle, but it looks like the initial embroidery on an antique handkerchief, which is my favorite part.
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